"Computational Aide to Finding the Perfect Fit."

What We Do

Using the ultimate leverage of “Big Data into Tiny Boxes”.

We began by delivering cloud-based Software Infrastructure solutions to the International Freight Transportation industry... and discovered the power of virtualized container systems for Machine Learning use-cases.

Obtaining optimal packing solutions with Machine Learning techniques backed by the power of the cloud scales to many other industries looking for global optimization algorithms operated in a Microservices framework.

Enter it

Get Started in 3 Steps...

In a Container Environment, developers can confine the application code, its runtime, and all of its dependencies in a pre-defined format using our solutions that provide infrastructure to a fault-tolerant and scalable solution. See our cloud based options for solutions in All-in-One Single-Node Installation or Single-Node etcd, Single-Master, and Multi-Worker Installation.


Bulk Load a File

Use files to record your container dimensions and manifest items. Upload CSV or text files in the sample format, and watch the majic. Set additional constraints and cargo handling requirements before processing. The output can also be retrieved in a JSON format.


Access to the API

Access our API for Real-Time integrations into your applications. Grab our Docker image or repo on GitHub to use in your Continuous Integration. We also provide an API Gateway to manage your Microservices, let the machines do it ALL!